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Substituting real plants with plastic ones may sound absurd, yet this trend is growing consistently. WWF partnered with TAXI to raise awareness about how toxic these fake plants really are and get people to rethink their relationship with plastic overall. With an experiential display at a Montreal greenhouse that borrows herbarium codes as a centerpiece, complemented by OOH and digital components, featuring stunning plants bearing names that reflect their artificial and dangerous nature, such as Pseudotigea and Antropa polyethylene.

WWF Deadly Flora Campaign

A key part of the event was offering a solution to fake plants: real ones. We developed a free handout made from seeds that people could literally put under soil and grow their own houseplants. This added up to almost 1,000 real plants that were planted from the first event alone.

WWF Deadly Flora Installation
Deadly Flora Installation Details
Deadly Flora Installation Details
Deadly Flora Graphics
Antropa Polyethylene Poster
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