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We all want work that stands out.

Designs that look different.

Copy that sounds different.

Ideas that are different.

But when





you hire

looks the same,

sounds the same,

is the same...

how are you going to create

anything that isn't?




We're Black TAXI and we're here to recruit and retain Black talent.

It's our goal to have the same percentage of Black employees as our city has residents. At least.

TAXI backs Black talent. And sure, that sounds good on a t-shirt or a LinkedIn post, but you know where it sounds even better? In practice. That’s why we created an application structure for Black talent in advertising. Because we aren’t just talking the talk, we’re walking the walk.


Stephanie is the Founder & Director of Black TAXI out of the TAXI Toronto office. Black TAXI is now a creative & strategic division that will continue with the program mission to attract, hire, and retain Black talent, to lead change. In addition to offering advertising and consulting services to existing, new and pro-bono clients. Her focus is on Black businesses, so they know where to turn for advertising services. Stephanie has been in the industry for almost 10 years and through those years has demonstrated that her passion clearly lies with taking steps to effectively making changes in creating diverse, inclusive, and equitable workspaces in the Advertising industry now and for years to come.

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